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Custom Printed ID CardWelcome to Addograph Distributors, Inc. website which showcases a broad line of top-quality products designed to meet consumers' identification needs.  Since its establishment in 1981, Addograph Distributors has been offering identification products, such as dog tag machines, metal plate and plastic card embossing machines, ID card printers, metal tags and plastic cards, to a variety of institutions ranging from small privately held companies to large government organizations.  We are glad to share our knowledge and expertise with our customers and constantly strive to provide a level of service that meets and exceeds their expectations for quality, timeliness and professionalism.  Whether your organization is large or small, we can work with you to select the right products that satisfy your requirements.  We also provide equipment repair services for embossing machines and plastic card printers, and can supply your organization with custom embossed metal tags or personalized plastic cards.

We are especially proud to bring to you our exclusive product - custom branded dog tag embossing machines which serve as unbeatable recruiting, marketing, advertising and fundraising tools.  Please also browse our online catalog for great deals on used and reconditioned equipment, including plastic card printers and embossers, dog tag machines and other metal tag embossing and indenting machines.  There, you can also shop for embossing supplies, such as dog tags, ball chains and silencers.

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About Us

Established in 1981, Addograph Distributors Inc. has been a leader in offering identification products and services to a variety of business, government, military, education, health care and entertainment organizations.

Custom Dog Tag Machines

Get noticed with a custom branded dog tag machine! Addograph Distributors is proud to present its line of custom modified dog tag machines. Often copied - never duplicated!

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In order to bring some of our products to consumers in a flexible, easy way, we present our online shopping cart. Whether you are looking to purchase a reconditioned embossing machine or ID card printer, or need embossing supplies - we can help.

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Please become familiar with our shipping, return and exchange, order cancellation, and privacy policies.