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Since its establishment in 1981, Addograph Distributors, Inc. has been providing dog tag machines, metal plate embossers, plastic card embossing machines, and related supplies to a variety of institutions ranging from small businesses to large government organizations.  Our specialty is the CIM (previously Norcom) line of embossing equipment featuring a large selection of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic units for producing embossed identification tags, plates and cards.  We can work with you to select the right system that satisfies your requirements!

Embossing Supplies

​​​​​​​​​​Get noticed with custom branded dog tag embossing machines from Addograph Distributors!

Metal Tag and Plastic Card Embossing Machines and Supplies from Addograph Distributors!

Embossed Metal Tags

Addograph Distributors is especially proud to offer custom branded dog tag embossing machines which serve as unbeatable marketing, advertising, recruiting and fundraising tools, as well as an assortment of reconditioned embossing machines which generate significant cost savings.  We also provide CIM embossing equipment repair services and can supply you with custom embossed metal tags and plastic cards.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, need help with selecting an embossing machine that best suits your intended or existing application or would like to obtain a price quote.

Addograph Distributors carries a large selection of embossing supplies, including metal plates of various dimensions and materials, ball chains, silencers and plastic cards.  For availability, pricing and shipping options

Custom Branded Dog Tag Machines